Sunday, July 21, 2013

Steven is in with the Stake President right now. He is so happy and excited. I thought I would share the photo of him and Grandma Fox because he often stops in his tracks and says, " I sure wish Grandma was here to participate in all of this too."  I assure him that she is. She was so excited for him to choose to serve a mission. She didn't put up any Christmas decorations last year because she knew it would be Steven's last Christmas before he was gone. She didn't want to think about him being away. She said she would put her tree up in June and we would celebrate up till he left. Little did we know it would be her last Christmas with us too. We have put up a Christmas tree in honor and remembrance of Grandma Fox and it will be up until Steven returns home from his mission. Grandma is pleased and excited for Steven, I know. I am sure she is hoping he goes to Scotland!  :) 

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