Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 22,2014 Ichinomiya, Japan

March 22, 2014. Ichinomiya, Japan

Williams Choro has survived his first transfer.  He did not get transferred and did not receive a new companion and he is happy!  He and Ahuna Choro are having great success!  They have a baptism scheduled each week for the next 5 weeks.  They are so excited!  Steven says the work is going so great!  The people are so awesome!  Every morning when he wakes up he tells his companion how wonderful their mission is and what a great companion he is and that they are going to work hard and get a baptism this week!  And they are! They are a great companionship.  He sends home short little videos on an sd card and it is awesome to see how well these two missionaries work together and love each other.  The language is coming along.  He is learning more and more every day and he loves it! He says that they are so busy all the time.  They have an investigator who is from Nigeria, one from Napal, and one from Zimbabwe.  The rest are from Japan. He says that lately people have been approaching them in stores or on the street, asking if they are Mormon missionaries and asking about the church. He says it is a great blessing. He is loving meeting new people and learning about different parts of the world.  He says, "I wear the name of Jesus Christ on my tag every day.  I am a representative of Him and I  will work hard every day to help others come to know Him. This mission is awesome! It is the best! Surprisingly I have not been homesick one single day. It feels like home, just mom, dad and Sheri are not physically here.  I feel them with me though.  The Gospel is true. Share it with someone every day! You will be blessed!  I sure am!" 

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