Thursday, August 28, 2014


Elder Williams is now in Takayama, Japan.  He says it is below the Japanese Alps and it is much cooler.  The last couple of weeks they have been dealing with heavy rain, flooding and mud slides.  He had the opportunity to serve and help clean up after a mud slide destroyed a home.  He said the people are always quick and ready to help.  They are very hard workers.  Those who were helping in the clean up kept asking him, "What are you doing here? You are gaijin!" (Foreigner). He got to explain what he was indeed doing there.  The work in Takayama is slow he says.  There are 10 active members in his branch.  He was grateful for the blessing to explain to the people who he was and why he was there....serving The Lord.  Maybe some hearts will be touched and doors will be opened through this service.  Steven will be beginning his 10th month in September!  The time is flying by!  He says he doesn't want to leave Japan. He loves every day there!!

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