Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Well, "Go!" isn't here yet.  Some days we cannot believe how fast time is going, then others it seems to be going so slow.  I enjoy every minute though.  I posted a photo of the back of our van.  We have had so many write congratulations on it, honk and give thumbs up, yell congratulations.  It is amazing!  Steven has had countless opportunities to share where he is going and why.  Many in our little town know us one way or another and we cannot go anywhere and not have someone ask about his mission.  The tire place, the Dollar Store, Raleys, the gas station, the library...that was who we talked to about it just yesterday.  Today it has been CORE Placer, the foot doctor, and a lady at Grocery Outlet. It is cool though.  I told Steven to keep track in his journal!  It will be good practice when he has to fill out his reports every day on his mission!

He is all healed from his surgeries and now working on getting his legs ready for a lot of bike riding.  

It is Sheri's birthday today and he keeps reminding her that he won't be here for her next birthday, or the next!  She just tells him....that's ok.  I get your bedroom!  I don't know what she means by that, but it quieted him down.  They will miss teasing each other a lot!

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