Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wisdom gone....

Steven got his wisdom teeth removed on Friday.  Steve took a video of how he was when he came to. I chose NOT to share it.  I explained to the nurse that usually Steven is quite reserved!  We all had a good laugh.  He is doing well.  He is allergic to many pain medications  and the one he was prescribed was no different, so he is handling the pain with just Tylenol.  He is a trooper!  He looks forward to sleeping in his own bed tonight.  He has had to be propped up on the couch the last couple of nights and didn't sleep very well.  He is all fixed up to head on his mission now!  He is grateful this week is over with.  Next week he has his interviews to finish up his Eagle project.  We aren't sure if there will be time for him to actually be presented with it before his mission, but hope so.  He has been very busy the last 4 weeks!  Tomorrow is only 1 month since he got his call and it feels like 6 months!!  Today our family just all relaxed.  He is recuperating, Sheri and mom have the flu and Steve is getting caught up on some much needed sleep!  It was nice to take time for our family to heal!

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