Monday, February 17, 2014

Ichinomiya Japan

Elder Williams is in Ichinomiya, Japan.  He has 155 missionaries in his mission....Japan Nagoya.  He says the country is beautiful.  He lives in a city and rides the train or his bike everywhere.  For their zone meetings they ride the train for an hour to Fukutoku.  His companion is Elder Ahuna, from Hawaii.  He has 4 months remaining on his mission.  Steven says he is an awesome trainer.  He is learning so much from him.  He says that Elder Ahuna is a fire dancer.  The food in Japan is awesome!  Steven says that he now knows what manna the Children of Israel ate while in the wilderness!  It was nan.  He says it is the most delicious bread he has ever had.  All the food he has eaten so far has been amazing.  I think he may gain his 24 pounds he lost at the MTC back.....soon!  There are two sister missionaries in his area as well.  They are both from Utah.  He did not give any names, but they live in the apartment above the elders.  Their apartments are right across the street from the church.  He says it is about 30 feet from the front door!  He had a wonderful time his first Sunday.  He got to speak and he LOVED meeting all the people there.  He said they are so very nice.  He and his companion are very, very busy.  He said that they have many things scheduled each day.  If there is a spot where nothing is scheduled they go streeting....street contacting, I think.  He will be involved in his first baptism this coming Sunday, Feb. 23.  He was able to help teach the man a lesson on his first day in Nihon.  He said it is amazing to see the excitement in his face to become a member of the church.  They have 15 investigators that they are teaching right now. The sisters are teaching 24!  Steven also teaches English in a class they have at the church each week. He purchased his bike and is very happy with it.  He says the drivers there are so much nicer than the drivers in the states.  He says that they are very careful of bikers and pedestrians.  They don't even have to lock up their bikes, but they do because that is the mission rules.  He is loving every minute of his mission!  

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