Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Favorite place to eat!

Steven says that he doesn't even feel the earthquakes any more.  He loves his bike. He says they ride about 15 miles or so a day.  They ride the train  a lot, too.  He wants quick and easy recipes.  They don't have an oven in their apartment but have received permission to bake at the church.  

He loves meeting the people there.  He gets frustrated easily because he feels he cannot speak the language well enough.  I remind him that he has been there 3 weeks!  It will come!  Soon he will forget that it was ever hard to communicate.  

He was excited the other day when he saw a man walking a black pug!  It reminded him of our black pug, Frodo.  

some food that he likes....

He says this is NOT so good.  It has no taste.  He doesn't know what it is, but had to try it.
Looks like tofu to me!

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  1. Hi! My nephew from Brazil is entering the provo MTC today to start preparing for his Nagoya Japan mission! Would you mind sharing a few packages ideas and how long mail takes to get to elder Williams? My email is