Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nihon get ready for Williams Choro!

Steven says that they are beginning to pack for their 24 hour trip to Nihon Nagoya.  They are all so very excited.  You can feel all the missionaries spirits in Steven's little camera videos and the excitement in their emails.  They received their name tags written in katakana.  He was thrilled to receive that.  It is a sign that departure is near.  He can't wait to meet the people there.  He leaves Monday February 10 and will arrive in Nagoya Japan on February 12.  He gets to call home during one of his lay overs.  We are excited about that.  He says that it still feels unreal, but he is loving every minute of it.  It is still snowing in Provo and he sure loves that.  Kyoo is the word for snow in Nihongo.  Steven had a hard time remembering the word "snow" in Eigo.  He is happy. He shared one thing with us this week....he said, "I smile and I cry here at the MTC.  I say cry because I feel the Spirit often and every time I feel it, it brings tears to my eyes.  It is wonderful!"  He didn't say "awesome". My little boy is growing up!!


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  2. wow- so hard to believe he will be heading to Japan already! Exciting times for sure!!! It is so awesome to feel of his spirit and enthusiasm for his mission! He will richly bless the lives of the incredible people in Japan! : ) The Southams

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