Sunday, August 18, 2013


Steven received an email from the Missionary Department.  His missionary number is 410,974.  That number may mean absolutely nothing to anyone else in the world, but to Steven it is a very special number!  He had it memorized as soon as he read it. 

 He is lifting weights, running, and bicycling to be prepared for his mission.  He is a motivation to the whole family!  Today I watched him walk down the sidewalk at church and I felt the thrill of being a missionary mom.  It is a great feeling.  The gospel is true.  I am so grateful that we have children who want to serve their Heavenly Father and strive each day to be more like Him and His Son, Jesus Christ.  For Family Home Evenings (a night set aside for families to be together and learn about the gospel and have fun together) we are enjoying Steven and Sheri teaching missionary discussions to us.  We usually end up laughing hysterically for one reason or another, but it is great to watch them share their testimonies with us in their own ways.  

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