Monday, August 12, 2013

Answer the phone!

This morning I was doing house work and the phone rang.  I really didn't want to answer it because I was in the middle of something, but I felt, "Answer the phone now."  So I picked it up.  I heard, "This is Dr. Heron (sp?).  I am the doctor for the MTC.  I am calling in regards to Steven.  I said, "This is his mom!"  Then we preceded to talk about a health issue of Steven's.  I explained that it was all taken care of and he told me that he was so happy to hear that.  He told me that he would send Steven's papers right to the First Presidency at that moment.  Isn't technology amazing!! He said, "Congratulations, mom.  Your son will receive his mission call any day."  I ran outside, as Steven was out cutting down some trees for me. I told Steven who I had just talked to and what was said and he hooted and hollered. It is all beginning to feel real!  

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