Saturday, August 10, 2013

Still waiting....

Steven received word today that his call should be here by the end of August!  He is thrilled. As he is waiting he loves to play with our Malamute, Mattie.  She loves him so much.  We got her two years ago.  She was raised with pugs, so she thinks she is a small dog. She will not jump over a fence that is 2 feet tall because she thinks she is too small....even though she could just walk over it.  She has a hard time jumping out of the van because she thinks it is such a far drop.  It is sometimes hilarious.  On very rare occasions she gets to come inside and will jump right up on Sheri's lap, just like a little dog, not realizing she is crushing Sheri!  To her, Steven is her big toy.  She sees him and she comes running ready to play!  She is only 125 pounds and stands 6' tall.  Every day Steven comes in from playing with her and says, "I sure am going to miss her."  I think she will miss him more!

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