Thursday, September 12, 2013

Almost ready to travel!

Well, Steven is all current on his vaccines as of today.  He also received his passport in the mail.  Next is his Visa.  This is all new to us, so every time he gets something in the mail we get excited all over again.  Next week he has his "surgeries"..... He isn't excited about that at all though.  But they will be over and no more infected ingrown toenails and no more wisdom teeth!  Hang in there, Steven!  It is so amazing to me how every little thing that needs to be done before he leaves has been so easy and completed so quickly.  It is also wonderful to share all of this excitement with others.  We were in the UPS Store the other morning getting pictures taken for his Visa.  The lady who helped us a week earlier with his passport photos walked in.  She stopped and looked at us and said, "This is so odd!  I was just thinking about you and what you are going to be doing in Japan."  We had a little chat and the workers there are so excited for Steven.  I look forward to mailing his packages from there and keeping them posted on his mission!  We met another lady today who gave him his last vaccine and she was so interested about his going to Japan.  We have the words "Steven Williams Jr has been called to the Japan Nagoya Mission!" on the back window of our van.  When we travel anywhere we have to watch our behavior when people honk at us!  We have had so many honk and give us a thumbs up.  On the freeway in Sacramento the other day we kept wondering why the car next to us was honking!  We looked over and they were all smiles and thumbs up.  It is awesome!  Life is wonderful when you have a child preparing to serve a mission!  There are so many fun and exciting adventures!!

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