Friday, December 20, 2013

Email is awesome!

We were able to receive email from Steven this last Tuesday.  It is his preparation day on Tuesdays.  He says that he is having an "awesome" time in the M.T.C. He uses a lot of Japanese words in his emails and sometimes it is hard to understand, but he says that they have totally immersed him in the language and it is making it so much easier for him to learn.  On his first day the teachers spoke to all the missionaries in Japanese.  He said that they spoke so fast it was hard to keep up with them.  He loved it though.  He and his companion (doryo) are teaching an investigator (kyodosha) in Japanese (nihongo).  He loves it!  I was so afraid that he would be so home sick, but he is being kept so busy that he doesn't have time to think of being sick.  The very last thing I told him when he left my arms at the M.T.C. was "Get to work and love it!"  He is doing just that!  

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