Sunday, December 1, 2013

Time has flown!

Today was Steven's last Sunday home.  He is excited, a little nervous, but ready.  The missionaries came over last night and gave him great advise and shared their testimonies with him.  It comforted him and ME! Saturday evening he will be set apart as a missionary.   

Life has been absolutely crazy in our family. Steve's mother, Coleen passed away 2 weeks ago.  Steve tore his rotator cuff and bicep and will be having surgery as soon as we get home from Utah.  He can no longer do the paper route, so after 10 years of waking at 3 am we will be retiring and actually get some sleep!  With all the craziness, we sit down  as a family and count our blessings.  We do indeed see the hand of The Lord directing our lives and blessing us with blessings unimaginable.  How greatful we are for the gospel in our lives! 

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