Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Salt Lake City

Here we are spending a couple of days as a family in Salt Lake City.  It is beautiful.  It has been snowing and with Temple Square all lit up for Christmas it is lovely.  We have met so many missionaries all around the city.  They have shared stories and experiences with Steven and how their missions are wonderful.  It calms my heart.  They all welcome him to the work and have helped him to feel accepted and loved already.  It is awesome.  

Tomorrow he reports to the MTC at 1 pm.  We are stopping to visit with Sister McKnight for a bit before he enters.  She lives 15 minutes from the MTC.  He is excited to see her.

Steven and Steve went through a session in the Salt Lake Temple today while Sheri and I shopped and shopped.  This new mall here in SLC is awesome!

Elder Williams is ready to serve!  

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