Sunday, December 8, 2013

Here it is!

Today we head out for Utah!  Last night Steven was set apart by President Merrill.  It was very special.  We had an open house for Steven on Friday.  It was nice.  It started to snow and when people started showing up, the power went out.  It was fun to sit in the candle lite and visit.  Thank you to all family and friends who show love and support to our family!  It makes it so much easier to send him out into the world!

As a mom I am feeling quite emotional.  Although, I have to say that this last week I have felt a lot of peace.  I know this is the right thing and my little boy will be kept safe.  President Merrill asked Steven to share with our family what serving a mission means to him.  It was very humbling to hear my son share the feelings of his heart.  Words cannot be spoken that could help one understand the spirit and testimony that was in that room last night.  All were in tears.....even Sheri!  All I can share is that Elder Williams is ready to serve and love the children of God in Japan!

The snow was very special to Steven.  He has been praying that it would snow before he left.  He shared that he felt Grandma Fox telling him that all was going to be ok and that she was very proud of him when it started to snow.  When we took Grandma back to Plymouth, Utah for snowed.  When we had her funeral here in Grass Valley it began to freakishly snow just before the funeral and stopped after it was over.  Then the snow came the day before Steven was to leave for his adventure!  Grandma Fox loved the snow and would watch Steven and Sheri play in it for hours.  She would even sometimes pray for a little snow.  It reminded her of her home growing up in Plymouth.  Snow is a bit of heaven for the Williams family.  

Life is good!  Farewell, Elder Williams.  Our two years has begun and what a wonderful two years it will be!

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